Cecile Tulkens Ltd is a London-based knitwear brand, established by Cecile Tulkens in 2020 as a platform for exploration and the revival of lost crafts. Drawing from a wealth of life experiences, Cecile approaches textiles and fashion with a delicate balance of intimacy and boldness. The characters in Cecile’s creative realm straddle the line between industrial and domestic influences, constantly reevaluating the codes of masculine dress, craft and labour.

The heritage-adjacent collections are inspired by the traditions of men's fashion and tailoring in Britain and Italy. Textiles and shapes are crafted in harmony, allowing the yarns and materials to speak for themselves within carefully structured garments. By framing traditional methods and materials inside the designs and mechanisms used to outfit men and women in the 21st Century, the collections result in unconventional, sometimes conceptual forms with enduring appeal.

Bespoke ranges are made in-house on hand-powered machinery, allowing deep historical research into knitwear construction with a soulful, almost vintage feel. The brand also has a range of perennial ready-to-wear knits, tailoring and casual sportswear manufactured in the U.K and available for wholesale.


General enquiry : studio@ceciletulkens.com

Sales enquiry: 020 8809 6387 or

Instagram: @ceciletulkens